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Beneath every behavior there is a feeling, and beneath each feeling there is a need.
When we meet that need rather than focusing on the behavior, we begin to deal with the cause and not the symptom.

Support for an Individual Child

Everyone faces adversity at some point in life and as the adult who has a direct impact on the life of a child who is can feel overwhelming. BUT, this does not have to be done alone.

As an Endorsed Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant I develop relationships with the adults in young children’s lives to build adults’ capacity and skills to strengthen and support the healthy social and emotional development of children. 

I offer consultation on the full range of challenges and issues families confront in the early years, including: discipline, tantrums, anxiety, opposition/defiance, trouble with transitions, social challenges, potty learning, sibling rivalry, feeding challenges, questions about development, adjusting to school or child care.

My focus is on supporting strong relationships and supportive environments for children . I am highly trained with specialized knowledge in childhood development, the effects of stress and trauma on families, the importance of attachment for children, and the impacts of adult mental health on children. The practice I use is a strengths-based approach and I consider all levels of influence to support children.

Process: We always start with an initial 60-minute consult so I can get a full download on the situation families are seeking help with. Then, together, we decide what the best plan of action is which might include further consults and possibly a school or home visit. The process is iterative based on the individual needs of each family. Be sure to complete the consent form and assessments prior to our meeting.


Of course, there must be some SASS involved by the adults...because being the adult can be down right stressful.

When you choose to collaborate with A Lil' Sass Early Childhood Consultation...we will do things BIG, RIGHT, and with CONFIDENCE.

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