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Building Quality Early Learning Environments

Creating a successful early learning environment is like mixing a perfect recipe - it takes a dash of creativity, a dollop of design, and a heap of expertise. As your consultant in this field, my job is to guide you through the process of crafting top-notch early learning spaces. With my professional development services, you'll get the inside scoop on the latest research and best practices. Let's work together to build a solid foundation for children's success that'll stick with them for life.

A brief overview of some training/workshop topics offered:

Early Childhood Environments: Designing Effective Classrooms
This workshop offers information on how to set up effective inclusive early childhood classroom environments for young children. It also provides details about the interrelated physical, social, and temporal components of those environments, as well as adaptations to help teachers meet the needs of children with disabilities.

Classroom Transitions
This workshop focuses on strategies that promote smooth transitions between classroom activities and routines. Learning activities offer opportunities for participants to discuss how they could apply the strategies to their own classrooms.

Circle Time: Engaging Practices
Does planning for and implementing Circle Time/Whole group activities stress you out? What does circle time mean to you? In this session, participants explore all the different possibilities that group time can offer. Practices that incorporate science, math, dramatic play, and emergent learning opportunities are highlighted. Participants will leave with tools and resources to put into practice immediately.

Establishing Positive Program and Family Connections
Creating opportunities and experiences that bring program staff and families together is very important. In this session participants will further their knowledge on ways to create a welcoming, nurturing environment. Learn how to develop engaging family events that are inclusive and culturally responsive. Leave with tools and strategies to establish relationships built on trust, respect, and understanding...with a dash of SASS and fun.

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