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ECE Management Training & Team Building

The core objective of A 'Lil' Sass is to empower early childhood leaders in fostering a nurturing and thriving learning environment for young children. The array of workshops and training programs is meticulously crafted to equip participants with invaluable strategies aimed at fostering constructive communication and seamless collaboration with both families and fellow team members. Additionally, A 'Lil' Sass provides an extensive range of resources to facilitate the realization of individual potentials among team members, fostering a culture of constructive engagement to effectively navigate through challenging situations.

The approach used is deeply personalized, ensuring that workshops and training sessions are tailored to address the unique requirements of your program. Each session is characterized by hands-on activities, interactive discussions, and a spirit of shared laughter, fostering an enriching and enjoyable learning experience for all participants.

Trainings in Action

National Indian Head Start Directors Association Conference 2022
Portland, OR

Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference 2023
Denver, CO

National Indian Head Start Directors Association Conference 2023
Washington D.C.

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