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Mental Health is HEALTH

Mental health holds particular significance during childhood, as it profoundly influences all facets of development. Through my specialized consultations tailored for young children, I collaborate closely with parents and caregivers to foster optimal mental well-being in children. Grounded in research, my approach comprehensively addresses an array of social and emotional challenges, offering practical tools and strategies aimed at facilitating sustainable progress.

A Few Topics to Consider:

Stress and Well-Being Workshop
Stress is natural and may seem inevitable. However, it can take a toll on your health and effectiveness as an early childhood educator or parent. It impacts the quality of care that you can give. When you are too stressed, it is difficult to offer the praise and structure your children need.
The overall goal of this workshop is to assist the adults in a child's life in managing their day-to-day stress in a way that nurtures their physical and emotional needs and, in turn, those of the children.

Problem Solving in the Moment
This workshop familiarizes teachers with ways to create a well-organized classroom to help anticipate and avoid the escalation of problematic situations in the classroom.

Behavior has Meaning
This workshop provides participants with information about the importance of understanding that all behavior has meaning. Participants are encouraged to think about how this workshop pertains to the behaviors that the infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in their settings use to communicate their wants and needs, intentions and emotions, and how adults respond to these communicative attempts.

Guidance Strategies
This workshop focuses on strategies and approaches that highlight positive prevention and intervention strategies when guiding children's behavior. We will reflect on the educators’ role in assisting children with their emotional, social and cognitive growth and development as well as looking at how the physical environment in early years impacts children’s behavior.

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